There is one thing that police officers and police critics can agree on: cops need proper training. Whether it is viral videos of officers making poor decisions or instances where officers are attacked, 事先进行正确的培训往往可以挽救事业和生命. That is why the mission of the 澳门赌场棋牌 is to present advanced training courses for law enforcement officers. Our instructors are not only law enforcement professionals themselves; they are also skilled and passionate teachers. 我们共同帮助军官们提升他们的职业生涯,成为专家,拯救生命.

我19岁就开始了我的公共安全事业,最初是E.M.然后作为一个有执照的护理人员在一个繁忙的紧急医疗系统中工作. In 1999, I became a police officer with the Palo Alto Police Department in California. I spent 18 years with Palo Alto PD where I was fortunate enough to work a lot of great assignments including Patrol, F.T.O., 特殊问题组(麻醉药组), 副, 监测), assignment on a Regional SWAT team and a full-time assignment to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (terrorism task force) where I was granted an FBI Top Secret security clearance and promoted to Training Coordinator. 我在帕洛阿尔托警局当了七年警长, where I served as the Incident Commander for critical incidents and regularly supervised the police response to in-progress situations. I was also a Team Leader of the Crisis Negotiation Team where I was responsible for supervising negotiators and peacefully resolving incidents. 在帕洛阿尔托警局干得不错, I joined the Santa Clara Police Department (CA) as an Officer and I continue to serve there today.

Working all those different assignments gave me a breadth of experience to draw from as I train law enforcement officers today. 我一直痴迷于训练. 我第一次写线上澳门赌场是在2005年, 当时我写了一篇加州邮报认证线上澳门赌场, Personal Protective Equipment in the Hazardous Materials Environment for Law Enforcement. I went on to instruct that course for hundreds of officers teaching them how to respond to a weapons of mass destruction incident. 2007年,我还获得了美国国家体育总局颁发的“铜质训练奖”.S. 部门. 为我提供恐怖主义应对培训的工作. I really love teaching seasoned cops but getting to teach academy recruits was an incredibly special time for me because of their contagious passion to learn. In 2007, I became a lead instructor with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Justice Training Center teaching topic such as de-escalation, 巡逻程序和应对异常情况. 学院新兵两次选我为"最鼓舞人心的导师". Winning those awards allowed to give a short speech at their graduation ceremonies. I seized the opportunity to remind the recruits that they will deal with some extremely dangerous people when they hit the streets and asked that they be careful.

Part of providing quality training is studying the mechanics of training delivery. In 2009, I completed the Master Exercise Planning Practitioner (MEPP) program at the FEMA training facility in Maryland. The MEPP program certifies students in all methods of training delivery from simple tabletop trainings to complex full-scale exercises. 当时,我是美国仅有的250名警察中的一员.S. to have completed the program and it was an honor to learn alongside professionals from all over the country.

I am one of those odd people who enjoys public speaking and it has been my pleasure to speak at law enforcement conferences and for private industry. 就像执法行业一样, those in private industry are hungry for high-quality training and I am fortunate to get to step out of my law enforcement role and into helping private clients.

在教室或会议上对线上澳门赌场讲话是很好的, I also wanted to reach people on a larger scale which is what drove me to become published. I have had two articles published in the National Tactical Officer’s Association’s publication called The Tactical Edge. The Tactical Edge is widely considered the leading trade publication for law enforcement special operations and both articles were about the law enforcement response to critical incidents. 你可以在这里阅读其中一篇文章.

当一个播客主持人打电话来要求采访的时候,真的很丢人. 如果你想听其中一些, 你可以在这里的文章页面找到几个章节的链接.

One reason I think I am an effective trainer is that I continue to be a working law enforcement officer even to this day. I regularly respond to the very same types of incidents that we discuss in our trainings. Students get the benefit of an instructor who can constantly update his materials based upon on-going real-world experiences. But even more important, the reason that this company is effective is because of the team we have. The 澳门赌场棋牌 is made up of law enforcement professionals who are also talented instructors. 无论如何,我们都执着于提供最好的培训. 例如, 2020年初COVID-19危机发生时, 我们不得不暂停所有的个人培训线上澳门赌场. 然而,这并没有阻止我们! We immediately began creating modern online courses and webinars so we could still deliver great training. 一个例子是 the online version of our popular Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships course. I am thrilled we were able to present a modern and engaging course that is completely online. 我为他们的工作感到骄傲. Make sure to check out all the great courses we have planned but know that there are plenty more in the works. 为未来干杯!

Scott Savage提供自定义培训和演讲活动

你想为你的组织带来最好的演讲者,对吧? Law enforcement agencies and private industry groups like yours continue to request Scott as a guest speaker or to teach a particular topic. 看看你和斯科特如何合作让你的下一次活动更有价值.